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  • Create a backup
  • Extract a backup
  • Transfer site
  • Install recent Joomla
  • Wrong site? Clean up!

Welcome on the Loft 33 Zippit page

General intro text still need to be invented!

Choose in the menu items what you want to do.

You want to create a backup?

Follow the steps below.

You want to extract a backup?

Follow the steps below.

You want to transfer this website to another location?

This functionality isn't ready yet!!

You want to install the most recent Joomla on this location?

Follow the steps below.


This account allready contains files!

We'll need to take a little detour to backup everything first.


Wait until I'm ready to choose something else!


Please select a .zip file!

Step : creating a backup zip file

After you click "Create it", I'll do the following:

  • check if it's a Joomla website, if so, I'll create a database backup
  • then I take all the files on this location and put it in a backup zip
  • then, when I'm ready, you can download the zip
  • Create it

Step : downloading the zip

Normally the download would start automatically, if not, click the button below.

Zip info

Total files:


Step : choose a backUp file

First I need to know which backup (.zip) I need to restore.

After you selected a backup file, I'll do the following:

  • upload the file
  • take all the files from the zip and put it in this location

Database info


Step : restore backup ready

The backup has been restored!

  • Clean Up

Step : get recent Joomla

After you click "Install Joomla", I'll do the following:

  • clean up this directory and database (if it's exist)
  • download the recent Joomla version and extract it
  • Install Joomla

Step : Go to joomla configuration page

Joomla is ready to be configured!

  • Configure Joomla